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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Perfect Wink

As of today we have been engaged for one month and one day. HOLY SMOKES has it only been that long!?! All the hard, time-consuming wedding stuff is done, and now we're just playing some terrible, tortuous waiting game.


Patience, young grasshopper they say... well never in my life have I wanted to see a summer end more than this one. I'm just so tired of saying goodbye, of driving home, and of morning texts. I can't wait to begin our forever.

When Morgan and I first started dating, we kept it a secret for various reasons for almost two months... Well, I think we thought it was a secret for that long, but I would venture to guess after a month, most people saw the twinkle in our eyes. At any rate, one of my favorite memories is of our first Sunday back at church after the first time we kissed. I walked into the chapel, talking to a few friends at once, and Morgan was discussing something important with the relief society president. As the door opened and I walked right past him, both of our conversations paused for a split second as our eyes locked, he winked at me, and my heart melted into oblivion. I remember feeling as if the whole world had paused and gone silent for a minute as my entire cardiovascular and respiratory system stopped functioning all because of that little wink and knock-out smile. But as I came to, shaking myself back into reality, the conversations continued, we wandered into church and found seats expertly placed a few rows apart, so that nobody would notice. Ha... how naive we were.

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  1. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEESY! And i want the font size of that to be 50x bigger.

    But that is why I love you!!