Morgan and Jenny were living one perfectly happy life... and then one day they decided to spice it up with some crunching, chewing, barking, little fun. So get comfy, make yourself at home, and enjoy our little blog of chips and dip (o)..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One hot shower

So apparently I am not the best blogger. Life has been so fun and so busy, but boy when that sun comes out (as it has been FINALLY doing around here) I shy away from computers big time and get outside. However, since Morgan has written a bunch of blogs in a row, I feel it is time to begin my much overdo contribution.

Let's talk about sex.

Just kidding.

But I got you going didn't I?

So as the days are getting closer, that oh-so-anticipated night is approaching, and to warm me up to the idea, my friends threw a super sexy bridal shower for me on Thursday. Kaetlin Miller, all the way from NYC spear-headed this thing, with Cecile Farmer being her hands on the west coast, and Lachelle Francis taking charge of the invite duties.
I have AWESOME friends.
In an attempt at getting me some first class education, Kaetlin's original idea was to have the shower at a "toy" shop, which was tamed to just have the toy shop lady come to the apartment. In sort of a bridal shower, not-supposed-to-have-any-part-in-the-planning-process-but-I'm-terrified-how-this-may-go-over-with-some-of-my-naive-friends panic, I vetoed the decision and reigned in poor Kaetlin a little more. The thought of a 19 year-old sweet little impressionable LDS girl engaging in one of those conversations definitely had us squirming out of discomfort.
Fortunately, Kaetlin kept up the creativity, and turned this party into a fantastic and memorable night. Cecile put up all sorts of decorations and made party favors while Kaetlin baked a cake in the shape of a giant... well I'll leave that up to your imagination. The girls brought all sorts of fun gifts and between that and the discussion, I am definitely feeling a little bit more educated and ready.
Cecile and Morgan put together a you-tube video where he answered a bunch of questions like, how we met, what our favorite things are about each other, favorite meals etc. So Cecile would ask me a question, I would answer hoping to match his answers and then we'd play his video getting to see what he had to say. Sure enough, we matched on almost everything! One of the only ones we differed on was our celebrity crushes, and since neither of us have one, both of us tried to guess somebody random, when really, we both only have one crush: each other. Morgan was so cute and more than once the girls sighed in unison as he would say the perfect thing... like I am pretty sure he always does.

It was truly a blast, and with less than two months left before the wedding, I CANNOT HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT!!!! So many wonderful friends will be able to make it, even those far away with babies! This Saturday is the adult-friendly bridal shower, which I suppose is more centered around cooking stuff. I do find this funny seeing that this group of ladies would be far more versed in the night-time stuff than my younger group of friends... but I think I'm thankful for this setup, despite the apparent contradiction.

Life is wonderful. Wedding plans. Showers. Birthdays. Summery days. Long Runs. Blogging.
Sheesh. I really like this no-job stuff.

Ward Spotlight

Just thought I'd share this ward bulletin that Allen Brand posted about us (click on the image to see it better)...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Preeeeecious

After I proposed to Jenny, she immediately took to her ring very well. I loved to see her wearing it immediately and trying so hard to keep it clean and looking nice. It's almost like she has already been wearing it for years. She has even said that she feels naked when she doesn't wear it for things like wake-boarding. It took me a few weeks to pick out the best possible diamond for the most important person in my life, and it's really neat to see that she likes it so much.

We have been having fun with her new engagement ring. Having seen poor Gollum's obsession with a ring in Lord of the Rings, we tend to also call Jenny's ring, "The Precious." Ok, it's kind of weird/cheesy, but it makes for fun jokes during sacrament meeting. Sometimes she will let me hold it and polish it with my handkerchief. But she is like Frodo, and is the only one worthy of holding The Precious for any extended period of time.

When we are actually married, she will have two pavé wedding bands stacked around the actual engagement ring. What will we call that? The Triple Precious, of course!

Jenny is my Precious.