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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Luckiest

One time a friend in a somewhat condescending tone rebuked me for having been knocked so far off my feet I saw little else in the world beside Morgan. Apparently my world was revolving around "us" and she saw this as a problem. For a split moment I was taken aback, maybe she was right, but then I realized how wholeheartedly I disagree! Yes, I am topsy turvy, completely enamored with Morgan, and yes, my life now does revolve around "us" but my goodness I would never want it any other way! I firmly believe because we have this sense of a joint universe, we are the LUCKIEST!

Imagine, everybody in the world is the center of their own universe. They realize their thoughts, they act according to their own sphere of influence, and such is life. What Morgan and I have discovered, as I would hope most couples truly in love have, is that these two 'centers' are in fact so close to one another, their spheres almost entirely overlap, and we can share this new center of the universe together. I am A OK with that.

So mushy mushy stuff aside, I have TACKLED this wedding head on. Since last blogging, I have booked a photographer (Redbox Pictures), I have bought my wedding dress, bought the bridesmaid dresses and some accessories, began the alteration process, met with the wedding planner, purchased the wedding bands, the invitations, and am starting to truly check things off the list. With Hilary involved (the wedding planner - which yes I watched last night, and no she doesn't quite look like J-Lo), I can now hand over all responsibility and begin thinking about getting a job - a very unattractive concept, but money does seem to be somewhat necessary in this overly capitalistic world.

Anybody know of any awesome government relations/ political affairs positions or internships around here?

Would the company care if I was gone the last half of September?

Yea, maybe I should just enjoy the summer... which perhaps will one day come to Seattle.

Tomorrow is Morgan's birthday, and for the first time, I have realized the terrible irony of buying someone birthday presents with your (shared) money. We haven't melded bank accounts yet, but I guess what's mine is pretty much ours now anyway... this has a unique advantage seeing that I don't currently have an income. Morgan and I are both turning 25 years old this year, which means we only had to live 1/4 of our lives without one another, assuming a 100 year life-span. If I keep eating cookies at the rate I've been going in the last week, this span may decrease significantly. BUT, that means I will have spent a greater portion of my life with Morgan. So, I suppose, no matter how you look at it, we really are the luckiest.


  1. I've been trying to keep this a secret, but eating cookies actually INCREASES your life span. Eat away!

  2. Jenny,

    The guys who run RedBox pictures came to my class and spoke with us. They have such an interesting background and take awesome pictures (although I'm sure you're aware of the second half of that statement). How fun for you guys!

  3. Gotta call it out, but wedding = overly capitalistc world

  4. I am a very large contributor to this overly capitalistic world, a fact I am somewhat embarrassed and somewhat proud to admit. The wedding, any wedding? Totally true, OF course we should spend 10 dollars per invitation, doesn't everyone?

  5. Oh wow. You are way more on top of things than I am. I still haven't ordered Hollis's wedding band (at least my ring came with a band, so we got that part taken care of). And invitations? I got those ordered about two weeks before we needed to send them out.

  6. you know there is a song called the luckiest? by ben folds its really good. haha

  7. Is this first part about me?