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Monday, September 12, 2011

Chipson's Crate Escape Revisted

As part of the new training regimen for Chipson, we are supposed to film her when we leave the house to see what she does while we are gone. The idea is to see how long she is distracted by toys and food we leave her, how long she howls for, if she takes any breaks, etc. As you may recall from earlier posts, we used to crate her whenever we left, but she always seemed to miraculously find a way out. For this filming, we decided to use Jenny's bike lock to secure the crate. Filming her therefore wasn't going to be so difficult since she was restricted to one small space and locked down pretty good...or so one would think.

As you will see in the video below, our Houdini puppy was not going to be filmed in one spot the entire time. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of battery before the glorious moment of her freedom could be documented. Please note that, while traumatic, Chipson was not hurt during this experience. And this has convinced us not to try crate training anymore. She's now a free puppy to roam about the house as she pleases when we're gone, and to leave little "reminders" that she doesn't appreciate being alone.

Every now and then she falls apart.