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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Morgan's dad owns a pie shop, and so for the longest time I shied away from making pies - for obvious reasons. However, lately, I can't seem to make enough. Leftover soup? Make pie? Leftover spaghetti sauce? Make pie? Random assortment of vegetables soon to go bad? Make pie. So I invite you, dear friends, to embrace the remainder of this winter, stalk up on some veggies and soup, and make pie.

Last night, since I had an abundance (like 2 pounds) of spinach in the fridge, asparagus, portabellos and chicken - I could think of no better way to consume it all than in the shape of a delicious flaky cheesy pie.

It's simple, get a good pie crust recipe (or pate brise) and for the filling, just start by sauteing and steaming the ingredients. Next, add milk, butter and flour (if you want a creamy sauce) add just enough until the consistency is right, let it simmer for a while and voila! In the case of this pie - with a lot of relatively bland veggies, I added a lot of asiago cheese and some cayenne pepper to give it a kick, and sort of a cheddary taste.

I usually only bake my pies for like 45 minutes to an hour, yesterday we baked it giving us enough time to run Chipson into the ground at a tennis court. One day, she may learn that it is fun to run after a ball we throw, and even more fun to continue bringing it back to us. Right now, she just looks at us like we are crazy. I think she honestly has no idea why she should go get the ball that she JUST ran and brought back to us moments before. I agree with her, looks like we have a smart dog (or so I keep telling myself).

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