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Friday, February 11, 2011


Since Morgan wrote about his pup-related injury, I thought I'd share mine. This morning, I awoke to a sharp pain in my right ankle/calf tendon (despite the fact I studied biology, I avoided anatomy like the plague and will thus refer to it quite comfortably as my ankle/calf tendon). As Morgan limped about this morning with his broken foot, I, perplexedly, followed suit and the two of us hobbled about. I had not figured out the origin to this tendonitis until I took Chipson out for her morning jog, when suddenly it all came clear.

Every day if I want to maintain sanity and control in the house I take the pup out for a nice long run or a MILLION walks. Since she is a puppy, I am not supposed to really 'jog' with her until 18 months, but with her energy I cannot justify running on my own and walking her recommended few minutes a day. Yea right, this dog needs SERIOUS exercise. So today despite my inflamed tendon, I had to take her out, and hoped the jogging would help with the pain. Not even two minutes after I started running Chip darted in front of me, turned and jumped up causing me to stop fast, mid-run, in an awkward lunge. BAM SWOOSH OHEFPOEPOJFWOIEHPOJSF LIGHTNING PAAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!

And with the flash of pain, a flash of understanding came over me. This habit of darting, turning, jumping and stopping me in my tracks is completely common for our little Chip - thus creating a seriously inflamed tendon. So, Chipson 2, Morgan and Jenny 0.

Someday, I pray, we will figure out a compatible running program. Because, quite honestly, if Chip isn't running, I may lose all the skin and feeling in my wrists and hands. A teething, overly-energized puppy is no match for my once peaceful life, but Chip, I am learning, and as you lie in your bizarre post-run stupor, I am plotting ways to tame you, to calm you, and hopefully even the score.

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