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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Baby

We have had our pup for almost 3 weeks and she has grown 20%!!! Can you imagine growing that much bigger in 3 weeks? Just imagine the growing pains, and seriously no wonder she seems to eat every leaf, root, dirt clod, paper, trash and cord laying around... Ok, I'll admit it, she eats everything - but can you blame her?
The other day I left her in the car (which I had been doing often, and won't anymore) for about 15 minutes. When I came out, despite four chew toys and bones scattered about my car, she had eaten half way through my seat belt. It is no longer functional. So, what does that count on the point system? An attempt to take my life? I think it deserves 50 points which brings the total to:
Chipson 53 Morgan and Jenny 0

Good thing she has a cute face, and is in every single way adorable and cuddly. Oh I love her so much. Why must she be out to kill us?

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  1. Adorable dog and post-thanks Jenny!