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Monday, May 31, 2010

The In-Law Rendezvous and the Registry

You know the part in Father of the Bride when Steve Martin and Diane Keaton go to meet Brian's parents? For those that don't completely remember, basically Steve Martin shows up at this mansion and snoops around the dad's office, admires his checking account, accidentally flings his bank book into the pool and falls in himself... Well, this weekend our parents met, and sadly it was nothing at all like that. However, things went just perfectly with a wonderful mix of Mora Ice Cream, Dance Dance Revolution (of course), a boat ride on the Hinckley, and an outstanding dinner. For that matter, we didn't even miss a ferry, which for anybody who has ever come to visit me on Bainbridge, this is an incredibly unusual feat.

It is funny what things occur in my life that really ground me into reality, and this, amidst all of the wedding plans, has probably been the greatest eye opener that yes, in fact, we are getting married!

My parents loved the Dipos, and I wholeheartedly agree, I sure am marrying into an incredible family.

Today, Morgan and I began the registry registration... or something like that. We walked into Macy's and after a cup of hot chocolate, some free wine glasses and a few complimentary magazines, we were sent into the store with one of the deadliest guns known to a bride: a gift scanner.

So you would think I would have gone to town with so many options, my fiance at my side, and a quality scanner in our grasp; but rather, I froze! I couldn't decide, I couldn't make up my mind at all. Did I want this china with the thin silver band or the one with the silver band and a touch of floral? Did I want teflon pans, or stainless steel? I paced, I panicked, I spilled hot chocolate all over my face and white sweater, and Morgan kept asking if we were ever going to scan anything, as I looked wide-eyed over my wonderland. Finally, we began, and as we poured into the task, I kept reminding Morgan that we were looking for the best this and the best that, and he asked a painfully truthful question: 'Do you only think it's the best because it costs the most?'


We have many more stops to make at Macy's before we go public, but we will probably end up at REI, Pottery Barn, and William Sonoma, though maybe Crate and Barrel.. If you have any suggestions on places to go, things to register for, oh please send them my way. I feel like a kid at the North Pole who has been told to choose one present to bring home and is so torn, they just run around like crazy until Christmas has passed.

Ok. Weird example, but you must know the feeling... No?


  1. Gosh, life is so hard sometimes.

  2. I remember this feeling. Fortunately there is always the return option, so its never really a permanent choice until you say so. I'm love that you have an engagement blog! You guys are so cute.

  3. I just refrained from making a choice and registered for anything that caught my eye. And like Mallory said, it's all returnable! The more you put on your registry, the more easily you can return stuff that you might decide you don't like after all. :)