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Sunday, May 23, 2010

27 Dresses

So it turns out planning a wedding can really serve as a full time job, maybe I should look into that... Thus far we have hopefully pinned down a wedding venue, Newcastle Golf Club, but we are waiting to hear back on their available dates. I've looked at a few invitations, and have spent countless hours online researching nautical weddings, bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen outfits. I thought I had my wedding dress all figured out.

I was wrong.

So I headed over to my parents house this weekend to try on my Mom's dress she has been keeping in an air tight package for the past 27 years; she assured me we were the same size, and I was ready to pull off the 'vintage' look. Anyway, we bust out the dress and it is COVERED in what appears to be coffee stains, which were not there before the packaging, (they are positive it was professionally cleaned) so they are a true mystery. However, I attempted to look past the stains, comfortable the dress would be cleaned up with a few gallons of clorox and slid the dress over my head.

And that's about as far as I got.

HOLY SMOKES. A) My mom was a stick. B) I have GOT to get in shape for the wedding C) What exactly does a size 8 mean in 1983??? Because it sure doesn't mean the same thing now.

So, slightly crushed, and a little encouraged to actually buy P90X, I gave the dress back to its rightful owner who announced it shall now be apart of the landfills of Bainbridge Island. So much for lugging that thing around the last 27 years.

On the bright side, I get to go dress shopping! Well, I thought that was bright, until I began looking at the price tag on wedding dresses. My indulgence in cookies may be quite a bit pricier than I thought. Gulp.

So as I tackle my own dress, I'm scouring the web for bridesmaid outfits and sort of hope somebody just says here, this is the dress, deal with it, because to be fully honest, I don't really care as long as everyone is happy.

That's another question: does anyone have any thoughts about purchasing wedding party attire? As far as every book and website reads, that's something the bridesmaids and groomsmen pay for, but that just seems like quite the imposition to ask them to purchase a dress they may not even want or need.

I watched Father of the Bride the other night with my parents. My dad cried an extraordinary amount, which is saying something from a guy who's favorite pastime includes watching Die Hard nursing Scotch on the rocks. I adore this movie, and hope to the high heavens we find a "Franc" to just take over the wedding, I am 100% positive anybody would do a better job than me.

Tonight I convinced Morgan and Danny to watch 27 Dresses, and so I've begun the wedding movie saga. I am open to suggestions: next on the list is "An Affair to Remember" followed by the "Wedding Planner." This is a precious time in life, and since I will probably never convince Morgan to watch these movies again, I've got to milk it for all its worth.


  1. I SO wish I could have watched Father of the Bride with you!!! That was so fun when we watched it when I got engaged! Side note about dresses...the size number will be bigger than what you normally are, so don't freak out and think you're too big! Mine was definitely not my typical size number! You would think for wedding dresses they would just make that number smaller just to make brides happy...

  2. Love it! Jenny, I am so incredibly excited for you! :)

  3. Check out "I Do Bridal" in Wallingford. I let my bridesmaid choose whatever style they liked from the "After Six" collection and I just choose two colors. We ended up paying for half of the cost of their dress and I let them wear whatever shoes they wanted. Good luck Jenny!!!!! I'm glad to see the airport goodbye turned into such a wonderful story for you :)

  4. I love that you started a blog for this. Way better than facebook ;) I'm so excited for you guys. I can't wait to make the trip up there!!!