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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A little note times ten

Last night for FHE, Morgan planned an activity where we each wrote ten small notes about the other and then hid the note somewhere that the other person would randomly find over the next few weeks. It was so wonderful to channel my thoughts into ten little notes, and I was so excited for Morgan to find his. Little did I know mine would come with gifts too!

I have to share with you this note I just found, because it really is too sickeningly adorable, and honestly made my day - so maybe you should do something like this for someone you love.

Taped across my credit card was the following:
"Everything I ever have is now yours! I want you to be super happy with yourself, so take this card, and go buy yourself some new shoes, some chocolate, a new special hat, etc. You deserve it!"

Oh how I love my Morgan. Unfortunately, since I used my lunchbreak to write this blog, I will now have to wait until tomorrow to go shopping, but I will definitely go buy some new shoes AND chocolate, sheesh Morgan, twist my arm.

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