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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doggy Daycare

Well, we've come to find out that having a puppy isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's not all snuggling, playing, wrestling, going for walks, teaching new tricks, etc. There's also pooping, peeing, separation anxiety, chewing, whining, and destroying of homes without human supervision. She's a darling when we're around, but when we're gone.....well, she let's us know that she doesn't appreciate it.

So, we decided to sign her up for doggy daycare so someone else could deal with the negatives of us not being able to be around her all the time. Strangely, you can't just give a doggy daycare cash and have them watch your dog whenever you want. First, your puppy has to be "accepted" to their prestigious educational institution. Then, the dog has to make tryouts to be on their weekly schedule. We found this all out the week before Jenny was going to start her new job, so we had to move quickly, and if Chipson didn't make it, we would have had to leave her as master of the house while we were gone.

On Friday the 4th, we went snowboarding and left Chipson at the daycare for her varsity tryouts. Remarkably, she didn't even notice that we handed her leash to someone else as we left. And when we came back, we were told not only that she had made the team (pack), but also that she was a perfect sweetie the whole time. One of the daycare workers said she played very nice with the other puppies, and that when she got tired, she would just come and cuddle up on the nearest human's lap. So, she also made the starting rotation so that we could bring her in Monday-Friday!

Now, we bring her in every morning, and pick her up every night, and she's the happiest pup in the world. And the big bonus is that she also gets all the exercise she needs, so she's just a big puddle of cuddle when she gets home. Now, Jenny just needs to find something like that for me.....


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