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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chipson's New Home

Despite repeated attempts and various methods, we have become convinced that Chipson cannot be house trained without a crate. We have been very diligent and consistent, I feel, but I think the fact that her daycare lets her go wherever she pleases has hindered her progress. She actually does a great job of holding her bladder and bowels in front of us, but if we're gone, she seems to know that we are helpless from stopping her poop-capedes.

We even tried turning the downstairs bathroom into her own special room while we were gone. I thought we did a great job getting her acclimated to it. It even seemed like she learned to like being in there. Well anyway, that didn't turn out too well:
Yeah, that's the molding torn from the wall by our bathroom door.

So, we have finally decided it is time to get her a legitimate doggy crate. After a couple days of searching on Craigslist, we found this bad boy:

She can sit, lie down, roll over, high five, shake, stay, leave it, come, go see mommy, go see daddy, drop it, etc. Slowly, but surely, I'm sure we can teach her to be comfortable in her crate. Any tips? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Tip: Send her back to the pound.

    Tip: Give her to my mom

    Tip: Feed her to Duke.

  2. cool crate! dash would get anxious when we were gone too, and the results were disasterous. in fact, he's become TERRIBLE terror since we decided he had to be an outdoor dog (we moved into brandon's parent's home and they wont let dash in...) and i'm certain its from anxiety and loneliness and boredom. the three in combination are-bad to say the least. i'm supposed to be packing but i had to read because i love your chipson posts. they make me feel like less of a terrible dog owner since apparently there is nothing i can do to stop dash but live with him all day and never leave him alone/babysit him. i havent even written the half of his escapades i has no advice. just love and laughs and sympathy.

  3. oh, the moral of that hugely long post was that dogs are man's best friend and know no boundaries.

  4. Our little dog is nothing compared to Chipson, but feeding her in her kennel and putting her favorite blankie in her kennel seemed to work wonders. The feeding in the kennel idea came from a friend whose parents have a crazy hyper dog. The only downside is that the dog may expect food whenever they go to their kennel. Training dogs is a tough battle, keep up the good work. And, the kennel you found is so beautiful, I am seriously jealous.