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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm camping with my dad; sort of a last Daddy-daughter excursion before I get married. Or so that was the original plan.

I'm sitting on a boat in 90 degree weather, stuffed full of cherry pie (courtesy of Cyrus O'Leary), and a delicious Italian dinner. Yes, I am using the internet. Jimmy Buffet is playing and my dad is wearing a silk aloha shirt and white linen shorts. White? Yes. Camping? Yes.
We are plugged into the world wide web via MiFi, the newest device of ATT which basically taps into the 3G network anywhere and creates a wifi network for 5 computers. We are out at Blake Island with a bunch of friends of my family and so though my final camping trip isn't quite the quiet intimate camping experience with Dad, I am quite content. Plus, since I've been surrounded by a ton of people whose inhibitions are weakened by the not-so-occasional cocktail, conversations have been fun, abundant, and rather loud, leaving me with ample time to sink into my thoughts and dream about Morgan. So I thought I would share this fun little story:

Shortly after beginning to go to the University 3rd ward, I became good friends with a girl named Maile, who was dating Morgan. After we had been friends for 2 months or so, the two of them went their separate ways (phew). Maile knew that Morgan was getting pretty serious about buying a home so she gave him my number so I could put him in touch with my mom - the all-star realtor of Bainbridge Island and definitely the go-to person for ANY real estate question. I distinctly remember being out shopping the first time Morgan called me. To be honest, I don't at all remember what was said, but I do remember completely freezing in one corner of the store (Urban Outfitters) for about 10 minutes as his question flowed effortlessly into conversation and laughter. The realization that I was flirting with Maile's ex and was entirely too happy/comfortable with it made me flush with embarrassment and quickly hang up the phone.

That conversation began a series of phone calls that lasted way past Morgan's bed time. Nowadays, since he has me hooked, Morgan tries to be in bed by 9, but let me tell you, back in those glory times, I had him on the phone past midnight almost every night - and this was before we had ever even 'hung out.'

As I lounge on the boat watching the sun go down, Boston is playing the song "Foreplay" which I think is perfectly fitting for this blog.
GOSH get your mind out of the gutter.
But really, that flirty stage before you decide to go official - I suppose it is a type of foreplay, one I liked enough to decide to take the plunge!

Get married that is.

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